CIJ Awards NEE 2019 Rules and Regulations

Table of Contents:

  • CIJ Awards NEE 2019
  • Eligibility for Nomination
  • Hall of Fame
  • Administration
  • Jury
  • Voting Procedures & Selection of Winners
  • Nomination Procedures
  • Groups and Categories
  • Rules for use of the CIJ Awards NEE 2019 Trademarks
  • Other Regulations
  • Remedies
  • Organizers
  • Contact Details

The following are the CIJ Awards NEE Rules and Regulations for the 2019 season.

CIJ Awards NEE 2019

CIJ Europe will be hosting the 1st CIJ Awards NEE 2019 evening on February 20th, 2019 in Tallinn. The CIJ Awards are the longest-running commercial property awards event in Central & Easter Europe and have evolved continuously over the past 16 years to keep pace with changes in local, regional and international property markets.

Eligibility for Nomination

The CIJ Awards recognizes and celebrates projects, companies, teams as well as transactions that excelled in performance. CIJ Awards NEE 2019 is intended to honor the nominations with history between January 2017 and December 2018. Nominations will be judged on the value they bring to the real estate they fill, including consideration of the size, quality, design, value, time, term, company and team.

Hall of Fame

The winning entries in each category will enjoy advancement to the Best of the Best CIJ HOF Awards on the 4th April 2019 at the Marriott Hotel Prague, Czech Republic, where only the winning elite is presented from 15 other countries from around Central, North & South East Europe.


The CIJ Europe and RPMG hereinafter referred to as CIJ Awards Administration Committee shall organize and administer the CIJ Awards NEE 2019, pursuant to the rules established by the CIJ Awards Administration Committee. The provisions of all paragraphs below set forth the current rules of governance.

All decisions of the CIJ Awards Administration Committee concerning eligibility for the CIJ Awards and all other matters relating to their administration, including adoption of amendments to these Rules, shall be final, binding and conclusive for all purposes.


The CIJ NEE Awards Jury Committee shall be a self-governing body comprised of 32+ Jury Members:

  1. Online Jury Voting Committee
    1. Every top and middle management real estate expert, having minimum 5 years’ experience, representing a company active on the European Real Estate Market, is welcome to join the Online Jury Voting Committee using the appropriate form (which is available on The CIJ Awards Administration Committee will confirm participation within 2 days after receiving each jury application form.
    2. In case the confirmed Online Jury Voting Committee Member may not vote within the specified time period – he loses his voting possibility – he may not designate another person to vote.
    3. Online Jury Voting Committee is comprised of undefined group of Commercial and Residential Real Estate Experts.
    4. Possible company representation: Online Jury Voting Committee can enter 4 people from companies counting until 50 employees, 6 people from companies counting until 100 employees, 8 people from companies counting until 200 employees and maximum 10 people from companies counting over 200 employees.
    5. The Online Jury Voting Committee is entitled to buy tickets for the Awards Party with a 10% discount.
    6. Online Jury Voting Committee will be invited for voting on 15 February 2019 – the period of internet voting: 1 February 2019 until 15 February 2019.
    7. Online Jury Voting Committee will receive the hyperlinked form to fill.
    8. Online Jury Voting Committee has 61% decision rate.
  1. Jury Committee
    1. The Jury Committee is invited by the CIJ Awards Administration Committee. The Jury Committee represents the top management from the European Real Estate Market – Funds, Investors, Developers and property owners.
    2. In case the invited person may not be able to participate in the Jury Committee voting – the Jury Committee Member may designate his representative – co-worker from his Company with the position of President / Board Member / Managing Director.
    3. The Jury Committee counts until 50 Members.
    4. Possible company representation: one managing person from one company.
    5. The Jury Committee Members are entitled to attend the Awards mixer with a 10% discount.
    6. Jury Committee will vote on 7 February 2019.
    7. All votes of the Jury Committee shall be taken by secret online ballot, with only those members of the Committee entitled to vote.
    8. The Jury Committee has 39% decision rate.

Voting Procedures & Selection of Winners

  1. Online Jury Voting Committee and Jury Committee vote separately, independently and in different period of time.
  2. Every Jury Member choose the winning project or company in each category.
  3. Jury Member may not vote in the category in which his project or company is nominated – he abstains from voting in this category.
  4. Jury Members are familiar with the sector, companies and projects, they are allowed to vote on the basis of their professional knowledge and experience as well as on the basis of nomination forms.
  5. Jury Committee may communicate and discuss nominations, but the votes will be top secret, given on the secret online voting ballots.
  6. Votes from both Committees will be collected, compiled, counted and converted by an independent company.
  7. Votes and the results of voting will be top secret.
  8. Winners will be announced and awarded during the CIJ Awards event on 20 February 2019 at a downtown location in Tallinn, Estonia.

Nomination Procedures

  1. Every company may nominate itself, its projects and teams or other companies, projects and teams.
  2. Nominations must be submitted between 1 December 2018 and 31 January 2019.
  3. Nominations must be submitted on nomination forms which are available on
  4. CIJ Awards Administration Committee will confirm acceptance of nomination within 2 working days of CIJ Awards Administration Committee receiving each form.
  5. Nominations and the information on each form will be presented on the CIJ Awards website

Groups and Categories

The CIJ Awards Administration Committee has created 5 groups and 26 categories:

RE Development, Developer & Transaction

  • Best Residential Development & Developer
  • Best Office Development & Developer
  • Best Retail Development & Developer
  • Best Warehouse Development & Developer
  • Leading Green Building Development & Developer
  • Investment Transaction of the Year
  • Hospitality of the Year

RE Teams & Leaders

  • Best Local Power Broker Team
  • Best Office Power Broker Team
  • Best Retail Power Broker Team
  • Best Warehouse Power Broker Team
  • Best Capital Markets Team
  • Leadership of the Year
  • Best Tax & Financial Team

RE Services

  • Best Bank
  • Best Law Firm
  • Best Architect Company
  • Best Construction Company
  • Best Project Management Company
  • Best Property Management Company
  • Best Facility Management Company

RE Environment

  • Best 4RE-Refurbishment / Recommercialisation / Rebranding /Relaunch
  • Best FIT-OUT

RE Lease

  • Best Office Lease
  • Best Retail Lease
  • Best Warehouse Lease

Rules for use of the CIJ Awards NEE 2019 Trademarks

Each Winner will receive the CIJ Awards plaque, diploma and electronic trademarks – they may be used without limitation. The Winner is obliged to use the description ‘The Winner of CIJ Awards 2019’ (including the awards name together with the year) wherever it mentions winning the CIJ Awards.

Other Regulations

  1. Companies can enter as many categories as they wish to.
  2. Projects submitted for the CIJ Awards must have all the mandatory government approvals. CIJ Awards Administration Committee has the right to ask for documentary proof for the information provided in the application form.
  3. There must be minimum of two confirmed nominations in each category to proceed with Online Jury Voting Committee and Jury Committee voting. If the CIJ Awards Administration Committee determines that there is only one eligible candidate in one of the categories listed above, the CIJ Awards Administration Committee has the right to award a special prize in that category.
  4. The decisions of the Jury is final.
  5. Personal information given on the forms will be placed in the company’s database of CIJ Europe and RPMG and will be used to organize trainings, courses, seminars, conferences and other marketing activities in accordance with the Act of 29.08.97 r. on protection of personal data (Journal of Laws No. 133, item. 883). There is a possibility to inspect and update the data contained.
  6. The meeting will be documented in the form of photographs and video. Organizers will publish the above-mentioned documentation on websites and in printed materials of CIJ Europe, RPMG and their trading partners.


Violations of these rules will be subject to removal from eligibility to vote and/or to any other penalties as may be imposed by the CIJ Awards Administration Committee in its sole discretion.

If in the sole opinion of CIJ Awards Administration Committee, any of the above provisions have been violated, the violation must be corrected within ten calendar days following written notice of the violation. Any violation not so corrected, in addition to any other rights or remedies available to CIJ Awards Administration Committee or its ventures, may result in the withdrawal of the right to use the CIJ Awards plaque and CIJ Awards trademark, including, without limitation, a permanent ban on the use of the trademarks in the event of a serious or continued violation.


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iBroadcastPR – well known Czech PR company, involved in real estate, Investment and banking.

Contact Details

All notices, certifications and other communications required or permitted to be given to the CIJ Awards Administration Committee under these Rules shall be given in a manner consistent with these Rules to Yuli Wolfe,

CIJ Awards Administration Committee contact person:

Robert Fletcher: +48 506 074 042,