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CIJ EUROPE will be hosting the 1st Croatia CIJ Awards 2021.

The CIJ Awards are the longest running commercial property awards in Central Europe and have evolved continuously over the past 20 years to keep pace with changes in local, regional and international property markets.

13th October 2022

What keeps us going is GOALS

Our goal is to support your business and networking activities. By winning a CIJ Award you become unique, and you share your success with other players in Croatia, Europe and even the U.S. – everywhere CIJ is active today.

The winning entries in each project category will enjoy advancement to the Best of the Best HOF Awards in 2023 where only the winning elite is presented from 10 other countries from around Central & South East Europe.

We invite you to participate in this well-known event yet with its significantly broadened scope!

Success is about what you inspire others to do!

Since 2001, we’ve inspired you to celebrate your hard work and successes by competing for and winning Awards and by sharing your satisfaction with other market players and networking. We have created the perfect venue for you to meet your business partners, colleagues and friends.

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Partners and Organizers

Jury Committee

Robert Fletcher 2

Robert Fletcher 2

Jury Committee Manager

CIJ Europe

Timelines and dress code

Schedule for the evening

  • 13th October 2022 Awards Presentation

Key dates for your diary

  • September 2022 Online Voting
  • September 2022 Jury Meeting

Dress code for the event - formal/cocktail


The gala will start in TBA

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